Power Automate

Using Power Automate to get the last login dates of users

October 23, 2020

Power Automate is one of the components of the Power Platform which is a great tool for automating processes. With its ability to make use of the numerous connectors available, this means that it is able to connect to the common data service to retrieve information such as user details and audit information. So, how do we get the list of users within your Power Platform instance and…

How do I know if my users are logging into a Power Platform instance?

October 23, 2020

There comes a time when an organisation wants to know if colleagues are using their Power Platform implementation. So, a request is normally made by management for a report to show the last time a user has logged in. There are normally three ways to view this information: Have a look at the audit summary. Here you can do some filtering to find this information based on the…